A New Award of Excellence: The Roger Shuy Best Paper of the Year in American Speech Award

The American Dialect Society announces a new award of excellence: The Roger Shuy Best Paper of the Year in American Speech Award.

This award honors the best paper to appear in the American Dialect Society’s journal American Speech in the previous year.

The selection criteria for the award will be based on some or all of the following: research excellence, exemplification of the mission of the journal, depth and thoroughness of the analysis, innovation, style, anticipated impact, and social relevance.

The recipient of the award will be decided by a committee consisting of the society’s president, its past president, the editor of American Speech, and the managing editor and associate editor of the journal’s pedagogical section.

The award has been funded by Professor Roger Shuy and will be called the Roger Shuy Best Paper in American Speech of the Year Award. The honor will include $100 to be presented by Professor Shuy at the annual ADS luncheon.

To submit manuscripts to American Speechcontact American Speech Managing Editor Charles Carson.