ADS-L Archive Revision Finished

The ADS-L archive renovation is finished! You can now make faster searches using Boolean strings and other variables, and results are returned named by the original message subject. Results can also be sorted by topic (it uses a keyword indexing feature: very cool), or confidence, which ranks results according to how many of your search strings are matched.

Thanks goes out to everyone who offered their assistance (and commiseration) in getting the new archive up and running, and an extra thanks to Andrew Payne (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) who wrote the script that converted 17,000 poorly-formatted database records into 17,000 individual, clean, numbered, formatted HTML files. Andrew is a highly-qualified programmer now working for Sun Microsystems. Due entirely to the efforts of Tony Aristar, LinguistList has taken over the responsibility of turning ADS-L daily digests into web pages. The interface may not be as nice [if I may say so: ed.], but it’s completely automated and therefore new pages will be created on time and require no additional human action. In April, Tony also started a parallel archive to the existing, complete one. As of this writing, the LinguistList archive of ADS-L will not contain any messages prior to April 1999.