Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 10:47:22 +0000 From: Jim Rader Subject: Dopp kit and Doppelt again I turned up more information on Dopp kit through a Nexis search. (, by the way, got only 26 hits in the combined News and Mags databases, which is a pittance in Nexis terms; I didn't try other spellings, though.) The following is from the , March 28, 1994, Lifestyle section p. B5, in a query-to-the-paper columns (byline--Jane S. Greig): -"Dopp" is a registered trademark of a man's toiletry kit. -The kit was developed by Charles Doppelt, a German immigrant who -arrived in Chicago in the early 1900's. Doppelt was a designer of -leather goods and was the first to patent this toilet kit for men's -shaving paraphernalia and other personal items.... -Charles Doppelt's Co. was purchased by Samsonite in the early '70's. -In 1979 Buxton acquired ownership of the trademark name "Dopp Kit" -[though according to the Buxton webpage only "Dopp" is -trademarked--JLR]. Similar information appears in the (Baton Rouge, LA) for April 26, 1996. Some Buxton wallets carrying the "Dopp" trademark appear to have contained a small card with a snippet of history, according to which "during World War II millions of GIs were issued Dopp kits, forever implanting the name Dopp in the psyche of America." A letter from one Maida Mangiameli, Hawthorn Woods, IL, appeared in the Sunday magazine for May 19, 1996: -Regarding Bill Brashler's article about luggage in your Travel Part -2 (March 17), my father Jerome Harris designed the original Dopp Kit. - He worked for his uncle, Charles Doppelt at Charles Doppelt fine -leather goods in Chicago, where the design was patented. There was, -indeed, a time when the Dopp Kit was very well known.... Finally, the following was in the obituary column of the for June 16, 1993: "Jerome Marovitz...retired controller for Doppelt, a former manufacturer of leather goods, for more than 15 years. Once located at Cermark and Wabash, the company was known for its Dopp kit, a travel case for toiletries." Jim Rader