Register for the free 2020 Virtual Word-of-the-Year Livestream Vote

Join us for the free American Dialect Society’s 2020 Word-of-the-Year Livestream! We’ll be voting on the most significant words and phrases for 2020.

Thursday, December 17, 2020, 7:00 PM EST (GMT/UTC -5).

Register to participate in the livestream:

You can also make up to five nominations when you register! Your nominations should be some or all of the following:

  • widely used,
  • new or newly popular,
  • significant to the happenings of 2020,
  • and/or indicative of public discourse and national preoccupations in 2020.

Single words, phrases, compounds, catch phrases, hashtags, and other types of brief written or spoken communication are accepted as nominations.

Since 1990, the American Dialect Society has selected words of the year to highlight language change, to bring a few aspects of the study of linguistics to the public’s attention, and to have a little bit of fun. The lighthearted vote is usually held each year at the time of the society’s annual convention. This year’s vote, for the first time, will be held virtually. Past words-of-the-year votes are here.

If you would like to submit nominations for Word of the Year without registering for the event, you can email them to:

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This event is sponsored by Duke University Press.