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ADS Fellows

During the January 2021 annual meeting of the American Dialect Society, a program to recognize longstanding members for their distinguished service to the field of linguistics, and to related fields, was initiated. These are the American Dialect Society Fellows.

2022 Fellows

  • Ceil Lucas, Professor Emerita of Linguistics, Gallaudet University
  • John R. Rickford, J. E. Wallace Sterling Professor in Linguistics and the Humanities, Emeritus, Stanford University
  • Roger W. Shuy, Distinguished Research Professor of Linguistics, Emeritus, Georgetown University

2021 Fellows

  • John Baugh
  • Robert Bayley
  • Ron Butters†
  • Connie Eble
  • Joan Houston Hall
  • Bill Kretzschmar
  • Allan Metcalf†
  • Dennis Preston
  • Luanne von Schneidermesser
  • Walt Wolfram

New fellows may be nominated by a committee in any given year, at the committee’s discretion.

2020-22 Nominating Committee

  • Sali Tagliamonte (chair)
  • Michael Adams
  • Sonja Lanehart