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What a donation to the American Dialect Society can do

April 22nd, 2019 § Comments Off on What a donation to the American Dialect Society can do § permalink

Dear members and friends of the American Dialect Society,

I’m writing to ask you to consider a donation to the Society, which can now be accomplished from this website using PayPal or a credit card.

The Society has a mission to promote and support scholarship on the languages of North America, and a primary related goal is to encourage the interaction among all scholars, from students to professors emeriti to independent linguists.

Among the endeavors your gift will help to fund are:

  • Student travel awards, which enable students to attend and participate in our annual meeting.
  • Presidential awards, which provide four-year Society memberships to students.
  • Our annual luncheon, which students are invited to attend free of charge.

The American Dialect Society is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on volunteers and donors. Your gift in any amount is very much appreciated.

Thank you for your consideration.

My best wishes,





Julie Roberts
Executive Director
American Dialect Society

Julie Roberts Appointed New Executive Secretary

January 13th, 2018 § Comments Off on Julie Roberts Appointed New Executive Secretary § permalink

The American Dialect Society is pleased to announce its new Executive Secretary — Professor Julie Roberts of the University of Vermont.

Professor Roberts has been a long time member of the American Dialect Society, having served on its executive council and the editorial board of its journal American Speech, and having presented papers and organized panels for its annual meetings.

She is a leading scholar in the field of dialectology and sociolinguistics, with a focus on Vermont dialects and child dialect variation. Her publications appear in the major journals of the field, including American Speech.

Professor Roberts has extensive administrative experience, having served as president of the faculty senate of the University of Vermont, the Faculty Union (United Academics), for which she has served as Vice President and Chief Negotiator of the bargaining team.

Among Professor Roberts’ many accomplishments is her creation of the linguistics program and major at the University of Vermont, which is currently seeking departmental status, and her many initiatives in outreach and continuing education.

Julie welcomes the opportunity to bring her two professional priorities — dialectology and service — to the American Dialect Society.

She replaces Allan Metcalf, who has been the society’s executive secretary for decades, and who leaves with many thanks and much appreciation.

See the original job posting to learn more about the society’s executive secretary role.

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