Nominating Commitee Report

At the American Dialect Society Annual Meeting in Boston in January, three officers are to be elected. The Nominating Committee (William A. Kretzschmar, Jr., chair; Connie Eble, Sali Tagliamonte) proposes:

Vice President and program chair for two-year term 2013-14, succeeding to the presidency 2015-16: Robert Bayley, University of California Davis.

Member of the Executive Council for the four-year term 2013-16: Alexandra D’Arcy, University of Victoria.

Member at large of the Nominating Committee for the two-year term 2013-14: David Bowie, University of Alaska Anchorage.

Additional nominations may be made by a petition signed by at least ten members in good standing, to be received by Executive Secretary Allan Metcalf no later than December 17.

Those elected take office after the conclusion of the 2013 Annual Meeting.