Nominations for ADS offices

The Nominating Committee announces the following candidates for American Dialect Society offices:

—William A. Kretzschmar, Jr., University of Georgia: Vice President for the years 2005-06, to succeed to the presidency for the years 2007-08.

—Patricia Cukor-Avila, University of North Texas: Executive Council member for the years 2005-08.

—Erik Thomas, North Carolina State University: Nominating Committee for the years 2005-06.

As our constitution says, additional nominations may be made by a petition signed by at least ten members in good standing, to be received by the Executive Secretary not later than 15 days before the annual meeting—that is, December 22, 2004. Petitions should be addressed to Allan Metcalf, English Department, MacMurray College, 447 East College Ave., Jacksonville, Illinois 62650.

Elections take place Saturday morning, January 8. See the annual meeting schedule elsewhere on this website.

This year’s nominating committee consisted of Past Presidents Ronald Butters (chair) and Dennis Preston, and elected member Bethany Dumas.