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An e-mail list, called ADS-M, has been established in order to distribute messages of importance to members. This replaced the Newsletter of the American Dialect Society in 2008; some of the newsletter archives are available here.

Unlike ADS-L, it is not a discussion list: ADS-M is moderated and distributes mail to list subscribers only from ADS or ADS members who submit material to the list moderator at Only the moderator can post messages to the list, and messages will be posted only if they pertain specifically and clearly to the interests of ADS and its members. Messages will be relatively infrequent, on the order of one per week.

Also unlike ADS-L, ADS-M is available to ADS members only: subscribers are added once they become members of ADS. You can join the society at

Linguist List has agreed to host ADS-M — many thanks to them and also to Allan Metcalf, former Executive Secretary, who edited NADS to the Society’s great benefit for so many years.